Our projects


  • Gaming portal with the highest audience in the Czech Republic
  • Platform for online games publishing
  • Established in 2004
  • Mahee.com

  • International version of Superhry.cz
  • Project available in 5 languages
  • In Germany as Topspiele.de
  • Tripzone.cz

  • Worldwide travel magazine
  • Project available in Czech language
  • Established in 2008
  • Advertising

    Advertising on our websites is available only via Google Display Network and Sklik.cz (Czech language websites).

    Cooperation with online games developers and distributors is always warmly welcomed. Target large gaming audience by publishing your browser games promoting certain products or brand on our servers for free. Games on our servers reach high number of game plays.

    Examples of products / brands promoted by a browser game:

  • Full version of Android / iOS game promoted by a browser version of the game
  • Full version of Desktop / Windows game promoted by a browser version of the game
  • Nesquik beverage promoted by a browser game
  • Website promoted by a browser game
  • Movie promoted by a browser game
  • Anybody is welcomed to publish browser game on our servers for free as long as the game is in compliance with our publishing rules. Feel free to contact us in case you want to ensure your game premium listing or if you are looking for cooperation on CPA / Revenue share basis.

    Examples of cooperation:

  • Goodgame Studios - Goodgame Empire
  • Games Group Europe - Hero Zero
  • Ubisoft - Might and Magic Heroes Online
  • Game implementation options: iFrame, Flash / Unity3d files or Zip for HTML5 or WebGL games

    Careers (in Czech language)

    Programátor/ka PHP


  • výborná znalost JS, PHP, MySQL
  • praxe v oboru podložená referencemi (popis projektů na kterých se uchazeč /ka podílel/a)
  • min. dokončené SŠ vzdělání
  • práce na plný úvazek
  • Redaktor/ka


  • orientace v online počítačových hrách
  • sledování herních trendů
  • výborná znalost českého jazyka
  • schopnost samostatné i týmové práce
  • práce na plný nebo částečný úvazek
  • Contact form